Promise of You: Edwin McCain

“All this time, I’ve been fighting my own private war. And all this time, you’re the peace I’ve searched for.”

Now, if the name “Edwin McCain” is familiar to you, it’s because his radio hit “I’ll Be”, besides playing ad nauseaum between 1997-2000, was hijacked to be an episode of one of the most successful (albeit hilariously unrealistic) television series, “Dawson’s Creek”. The show’s credibility was always in doubt, but Edwin McCain’s talent never was. The man is a genius songwriter and an exceptionally vocally-gifted vocalist.

That said, this song is quite possibly the most realistic love song that McCain, known for simpering ballads, has ever penned. In fact, it’s one of the most realistic ever. Why? In “Promise of You”, he never claims that he or his love cannot live without one another or that love is easy, a cure-all for whatever ails you. Nor does he ever hint at this love being his best, his only true love. The song is merely about the promise of love, the peace to be found when one gives in to a new love and, if only temporarily, have someone to walk this lonely world with. And that is a great comfort.

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