The Calm…and the Rush

Before I write anything, I almost always I feel one of two things: a deep calm like one who is exactly where and when they should be, or an intensely consuming rush of adrenaline that often accompanies the tension before a big fight. For me, writing is an experience that is either paying homage to the joy and contentment inside of me or one which is exorcising the pain and anger that I feel. My words are what keep me grounded when I feel so happy that I could fly, and what keep me pacifist when I am so angry that I want to hit. My words are the drug for my ADD and my depression, a drug that allows me to channel my focus and reign in my emotions, if only for a few moments, all without those pesky side effects. The words that fall from my fingers are my way sharing the beauty that I feel, and using the ugliness to create a beauty for others that I cannot see.

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