Sway: The Perishers

“I talk to you as to a friend;
I hope that’s what you’ve come to be.
It feels as though we’ve made amends,
Like we found a way eventually.

It was you who picked the pieces up
When I was a broken soul,
And then glued me back together
Returned to me what others stole.”

I love The Perishers. I love how every song is so….different from all the others they’ve ever recorded. They somehow manage to do what Moby does, all while staying in the same genre. Nearly all of their songs are memorable, but “Sway” is so deliciously quotable. This is a song that I’ve always found moving, both lyrically and melodically, but those first two verses, they now hold a special meaning for me. These are the words that I desperately want someone who hurt me deeply to say to me when they ask for my forgiveness. I was there for them, I loved them, and they discarded both my love and me. This request for forgiveness, this plea to start afresh, may never happen. In fact, there’s is almost no chance that it ever will, as there is only the most minuscule probability that I will ever see this person again. But a girl can dream, right?

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