Feels Like Today: Rascal Flatts

“You treat life like a picture,
But its not a moment that’s frozen in time
And it’s not gonna wait
Til you make up your mind….”

When I was in the 7th grade, I went through a serious country music phase. As a small child, I had listened to a couple of country’s most famous artists at the time, like Kenny Rogers and Sheena Easton, since their notoriety somehow made it to Haiti and my mom was a huge fan.

But as a kid growing up in America, I listened to whatever was on pop radio, which really wasn’t so bad, pre-Clear Channel and the entrance of Stepford radio. It wasn’t until middle school that I started to branch out and country music was one of those branches.

Rascal Flatts (pre-Disney’s “Cars” franchise) eventually became one of my favourite country groups and “Feels Like Today” became that song that was uplifting without being cheesy, inspiring without being corny and succeeded at not only making me smile but also making me think.

So many of us treat life like a picture, thinking that just because we’re not moving, working, planning or progressing, that the world will stop spinning and wait until that moment when we’re ready to actually start living our lives instead of merely existing.

The truth is, even paintings age, given enough time, and every day may be the first day of the rest of our lives, but every day is also one step closer to the day we die. So let’s start living.

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