California: Delta Spirit

“I want you to move to California for yourself.
I want you to find whatever you heart needs.
I want you to move to California for yourself,
But not for me.”

“I want you to go out there and find somebody else.
I want him to treat you like I know he should.
I want you to find somebody new for yourself,
If not for me.”

About a decade ago, I invented a game that I like to call The Song Exchange. The game is pretty simple: two (or more, but it’s better with just two) friends sit down (or call each other up) and then they take turns giving the other the titles of songs that they think their friend might enjoy and/or songs that hold meaning for them.

I love this game because it does 3 things: It gives me a chance to show off my very broad music library and very excellent musical tastes, I get to know someone that I care about a bit better (you’d be surprised at what you can learn about someone based on what songs they enjoy), and 2 or 3 songs out of 10 songs usually fit the bill of tunes that I love and that I hadn’t previously heard of.

“California” is one of those tunes. The friend who sent me this one lives in California and has been for a few years now, so I like to cling to this as the reason why I’d never even heard of Delta Spirit, a certified California band. Oh, my shame, when I first heard this song and realized what I had been missing.

“California” is one of those rare songs with a melody that is at once relaxing and adrenaline-inducing. The lyrics are both selfish and selfless, the true essence of romance. Because, as much as we love to deny it, when you love someone, or merely want them, there is no such thing as completely selflessness. In this song, there is the desire to have the one you want near you, coupled with the need for the objection of your affection to be happy, to be loved, even if it isn’t with you.

“California” is the auditory version of the old elementary school notes that read: “Check yes or no”. And that’s what makes it kind of awesome.

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