A Million Parachutes: Sixpence None the Richer

“In the glow of the street lights.
I see them descend.
Like a million parachutes;
Small men on a mission….”

I’ve had an interest in Sixpence None the Richer since they burst unto the mainstream pop scene with 1997’s “Kiss Me”. Although I was never never a true fan, with each album release, they always had one or two songs that intrigued me.

Because of this, their “Divine Discontent” album came as a bit of a shock, since I loved nearly every song on the record. “A Million Parachutes” a simple song about snow, was one of the many that I loved and I connected to it in a major way because at the time (and to this very day) I hadn’t ever seen snow. Every single time I hear the sweet melody of this song, I image the wonder of a phenomena that has eluded my grasp for almost 30 years: snowfall. But every time I listen closely to Leigh Nash’s unique, childishly husky voice, I can pretend. The ability to make a listener “remember” something that they have never experienced is pretty extraordinary. And that’s what makes this song timeless to me.

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