I’ve Got A Feeling: Ivy

“I’ve been watching the world pass by all around me. I’ve been letting the days go by, til you found me…”

At this very moment, this is my favourite song but the truth is, from the moment I heard this sincere ballad sung in vocalist Dominique Durand’s signature breathiness over a decade ago, it was a contender for the top spot. This song contains Ivy’s love of indie pop-rock melodies and earnest lyrics and this is one of the few songs that (to me, at least) just SOUNDS like late-90s awesome!

This music video version, the original album version and the 14th street remix are all stellar and stand on equal footing acoustically but I decided to share this one, since Tobey Maguire (of “Spiderman” fame) is in the video for less than a second; blink and you’ll miss him, but he is there. Enjoy!

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