Sleep: Azure Ray

“And so I’m reaching out for the one
And so I’ve learned the meaning of the sun.
And all this like a message comes
to shift my point of view.
I’m watching through my own light
as it tints the shade of you.”

I’ve always admired poetic songs, the sort of lyrics that would hold significant meaning even if stripped of melody. “Sleep”, the casually provocative tune about trying to block out the presence of the one who’s presence is most dominant in your mind, is one such song.

Besides being lyrically stirring, I love the fact that the duo that is Azure Ray respected the words and emotions behind them enough to pair Maria Taylor’s vocals with an equally simple but effective melody. The song slowly hypnotizes you, lures you in as gently as a lover’s caress before you feel the climactic rush of emotion waiting within. Like the act if falling in love can often be, this is a song that catches you by surprise. And it is a very pleasant surprise.

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