Nostalgia: Part I

Today, for whatever reason, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about some of my favourite cartoons from the 90s, specifically “Captain Planet” and even more specifically, the character Ma-Ti. Those of you too young to know about “Captain Planet”, I mourn for you. Seriously. This is probably one of the coolest shows ever, even if the ultimate message was to recycle, something that was consistently lost on the viewing audience in what was quite possibly the least eco-friendly generation that has ever lived.

But I digress. “Captain Planet” was beyond amazing but Ma-Ti’s power, heart (seriously, it was heart), was undoubtedly the lamest superpower in life. Earth, fire, wind, and water were amazing abilities that were consistently displayed as jaw-droppingly formidable, but Ma-Ti’s power was so weak (even the way he said it was weak and depressing) that is was only ever used as a last resort when the Planeteers were about to get killed and even then, the creepy, voodoo-laden ability was more than a bit disturbing, not to mention just barely effective.


Moral of the Story: If you’ve run out of elements, don’t create another character. I understand the need to be all-inclusively multi-cultural, but if I were South American, I would have felt terribly shafted. I’m just saying….

6 thoughts on “Nostalgia: Part I

  1. At last someone who also watched Captain Planet…Do you know that guy was next to Superman in my childhood fantasies?

      • I read a lot of comics instead and i always wanted to be batman. My dad had a strict TV policy.

      • I never liked Batman as a superhero; he seemed to have deep-seated issues that lead to a narcisstically-driven thirst for vengance rather than a desire for true justice. But I did love all the super-villains he faced. They were all so diverse and refreshingly human.

      • I did it again. I actually meant that i wanted to be Spiderman, not Batman. I liked Bat but he wasn’t the object of my fantasy, it was Parker and the Spidey thingy. Parker was (forever) young, a teenager who always got into trouble and had Aunt May and a couple of girls dotting on him. Do you know that I always wanted to get bitten by a spider so i’d have spider powers too?

        I loved DareDevil too. I like his martial arts prowess. I thought it was similar to Spidey’s.

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