Nostalgia: Part II, Tell Me: Groove Theory

One of the greatest things about growing up in the 90s was the amazing R&B music of the time. Unlike today’s R&B, which is mostly saturated with lyrics about cheating, trying to cheat, and meaningless sex, the 90s offered a buffet of “I want to get to know you”, “I’m falling in love”, and “I want to make love” records.

I was only 10 years old when Groove Theory, featuring the amazing (and amazingly underrated) croonings of Amel Larrieux released the single “Tell me” and even as a child, I understood that I was listening to something incredible. Besides the almost supernatural vocals, the lyrics were a straight-forward, no-bullshit confessional of attraction and genuine interest in a relationship, all tied up in a slow-dance, bob-your-head-worthy groove.

Sometimes, I think about this song and the many others that I sang when I was too young to understand the full breadth of these emotions and I’m almost saddened for today’s generation, in which such a powerful influence as music lacks any mention of real relationships and romance.

Luckily, “Tell me” has never gotten old, and when I hear some nonsense lyrics about juggling multiple women, I can always turn up the volume and drown it out.

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