The Beauty of Words: Part XI- Silence

As profound as the right words spoken at the right time and delivered in the right way can be, there are moments in life when the most powerful statement to be made is absolute silence, the denial of speech.

Silence can be interpreted in so many ways: as acceptance, defiance, confusion, courage and even love. Sometimes, more than words are needed. Sometimes, the silences in between, the promise of actions or inaction to come, of feeling felt, is not just enough, it’s everything.

Distant Thoughts by Jonathan Green

Distant Thought by Jonathan Green

It’s incredible, how a person can be so filled with wanderlust that there is no room for any other emotion, save the insatiable need to be anywhere but where they are. Unfortunately, wanderlust is a feeling that isn’t nearly as beautiful as this painting when a person is not physically or financially able to move. But you can dream, right?

Love Scene: Nikko Gray

“…..The last stage, the finale, the love scene….”

I am not always a fan of jazz, but the few jazz musicians and tunes that I enjoy are always ahead of the pack and have that certain something that makes them…..vibrate. Nikko Gray has something special and “Love Scene” is a prime example of how her uniquely breathy and throaty vocals, direct delivery and poetic lyrics blend with the melody to create something magical. Enjoy 🙂