I’m drowning 

In the hope that I’ll be happy soon.

I’m choking 

On all the pain that I’m compelled to hide from you.


I’m dying 

To tell you, or anyone, that I really need to be held.

I’m desperate

For a good friend to come and offer their help.


I’m searching

For a way to make the darkness into day

I’m screaming

Inside of my head, wishing you’d come to my aid.

Control/ Bittersweet Symphony: The Verve

When we are children, the adults in our lives are in control of it. They tell us when and what to eat, what to where, decide where we live and go to school, even when we wake and sleep. As adults, we are fed a societally manufactured pipe dream of owning our destinies, determining our fate, being navigator of our journeys. But we wake up, sleep and plan leisure activities in accordance to work schedules. We behave in a manner to get ahead professionally and please others socially. We go through life either being controlled by others or by money. We do so thoughtlessly. And everyone’s alright with that.