“Here” vs. Here/ Teardrop: Massive Attack

“I love you.”
“You mean so much to me.”
“I’m here for you.”

What exactly does it mean to be there for someone? To be when, where and how they need you? Is being “here” simply a state of mind, or should it be more than that? Is it so wrong to want someone, not their words, reassurances and promises, but the person themselves, even if for nothing more than to sit in silence and absorb their presence?

It is so easy to say all of the right words, to unleash placating syllables whose sole purpose is to create the illusion of love and concern. But we live in an era of manufactured motions: FaceBook emoticons, instant messages, text messages, Hallmark cards….anything to remove the effort of actually having to show someone how much you love them, how far you’re willing to go to soothe their hurt or supplement their happiness. They also effectively remove the possibility of seeing how happy, or unhappy the substitution of presence with words makes the recipient of verbal affections.

But… “Love is a verb. Love is a doing word.”

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