As Long As You Follow: Fleetwood Mac

“Yes, I can live today, if you give me tomorrow.”


Fleetwood Mac is indisputably one of the most iconic bands in music history, a history that’s most notable (for some) due to their inclusion of vocalist Stevie Nicks. But there is another female vocalist in the band who is quite the unsung hero, having penned and sung some of their most touching ballads. Christine McVie, along with having a voice that sounds like wind whispering through the trees, sings in such a way that she simultaneously breaks your heart and makes you fall in love. On this particular song, not only are the sounds of the guitar flawless, and the group harmonies sublime, but Christine’s voice and the incredible emotional transparency and vulnerability of the lyrics are the perfect marriage. Listening to this song, every single time I listen, is to feel joy, wistfulness, hope, lose and renewal. There is such a love that makes the misery of today worth it, if only to live long enough for the companionship to be found later, as Christine’s McVie’s voice makes you believe in that love.