Ordinary World: Cary Brothers

“…As I try to make my way to the ordinary world, I will learn to survive.”

The original version of this lyrical masterpiece, performed by Duran Duran, made such an impression on my 8-year-old self at first listen that I vowed in that moment that I would write, I would paint, I would sketch, I would do something, anything, to be able to move someone the way that I was moved, to make other loners like me feel with a few words and haunting melodies that they we are all alone, together. That we could find a place in this strange world, and maybe even earn a glimpse into a more ordinary world. This cover from Cary Brothers re-awakened the feeling that had grown numb over many years, re-igniting my zeal to subtly, beautifully, delicately set the world on fire.


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