Baby gone: Asa

“I wish I’d kissed you deeper…”


Nigerian singer-songwriter Asa (pronounced like “Asha”) was my musical surprise of 2013. A friend sent me one of her songs on Spotify (“The way I feel”) and while I was impressed by her unique vocal stylings and obvious talent, that was about it. Almost a year later, back in January of this year, I heard a few of her other songs and wanted to beat my head against a wall for not having plunged into the deep ocean of beauty that is her music. Songs like “Tinderbox” and “Glow” felt almost magically surreal and beautiful. Songs like “Jailer”, with an overt political message, showcased a rather attractive social consciousness. But “Baby gone” is Asa at her most emotionally transparent and vulnerable.

It is often difficult to take accountability for our own actions, especially in a love gone wrong, where our emotions are often still too raw to process the end of an era, let alone our hand in it. “Baby gone” highlights with such captivating sincerity that pride has no place in love.

3 thoughts on “Baby gone: Asa

  1. Thank you for this! I absolutely love Asa. And I think “Baby Gone” is a beautiful song too. The last line “can I say…sorry” just touches something in me…
    The lyrics, melody, voice…everything comes together just perfectly, with that certain degree of poignancy that is needed.

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