“…Just a Writer”

I don’t mend that which is broken or seam that which is ripped. I neither plant nor harvest. I don’t heal the sick or cut out that which is dangerous in order to preserve and restore. I don’t put out fires or save lives. I don’t drink fast cars or score goals. I do not educate or train. I don’t invent or construct. I don’t have the best health or the greatest wealth. My singing is average. My acting ability never to be displayed. My looks are subjective, and so is my purpose. I’m just a writer. Maybe, to someone, that’ll be enough. To me, that is everything.

Wild is the Wind: Amel Larrieux

“Love me, love me; say you do
Let me fly away with you
For my love is like the wind,
And wild is the wind…

You touch me,
I hear the sound of mandolins.
You kiss me,
With your kiss my life begins.”

Before I get into dissecting this song, let’s get something out of the way: Amel Larrieux has one of the most beautiful voices and incredible vocal range of any person (man or woman) to ever sing R&B, as showcased by her very short-lived career as one half of Groove Theory. “Lovely Standards”, an album featuring covers of jazz classics, made some fans wary upon announcement, but the finished product was as sublime as her ethereal, angelic voice. Amel’s voice lends such tender longing and earnestness to “Wild Is the Wind”, arguably the most evocative, emotionally-transparent, effusive and shockingly sweet love song to have been penned in the preceding century. Amel’s vocal stylings, ever aerial, rift, and even sigh only enhances the beauty of those words.

Hostage: Sia

“It all begins with just one kiss.
I’m held hostage by your love.
Put me in cuffs,
Lock me up;
I’m held hostage by your touch.
This prison is rough, but
I can’t get enough.
The secret life of us keeps me in handcuffs.
Don’t lock me up!
Don’t you wanna free us?
I’m held hostage by your love.”


So often, in various forms of art, love is referred to as a prison, a state of entrapment. Perhaps it is. Love can make servants of even the most powerful and self-sufficient, turning us into slaves to our emotions. The compulsion to feel and act on feelings that are confusing and consuming can be terrifying and tumultuous. Luckily, those feelings can often be adrenaline-inducing and amazing, and cause us to be quite cozy in the little jails of our hearts.