Just a Kiss: Boyce Avenue ft. Megan Nicole

“I know that if we give this a little time, it will only bring us closer to the love we wanna find.”


“Just a Kiss” by the country powerhouse Lady Antebellum gained huge popularity when it was featured on a commercial for Lipton iced tea this past year and while I have always been a fan of both the trio and the song, I’ve also long been a fan of Boyce Avenue, the world’s most popular independent band. 

The band of brothers from Sarasota, Florida got their start on YouTube and, after years of doing covers and collaborating with other YouTube acts, released an album of originals. But their covers, even the few that are not as good or better than the original, are always heartfelt and give a new spin to commercial favourites.

What makes this cover so great is the fact that an alternative pop spin is put on the song and makes it sound even more intimate, if such a thing is possible.