See You Again: Kacey Musgraves

“I can’t wait to see you again……”

I would give almost anything to see your face again, to see you smile as you say “I love you”, to see the light in your eyes as they hold mine in that intimate gaze. But I know that those eyes are now holding another, and seeing you again would be the a pain beyond words. So I sleep, and hope to see you in my dreams.


Asleep: Stars

I am a complete and utter audiophile. As a result of this, I am not a fan of remixes and very rarely like covers of beloved tunes. The covers that manage to find a place in my heart are either those who completely alter the original song, bending and molding in such a way that it has an entirely new meaning, or those that manage to reach the pinnacle that the original never did. For me, this song is the latter. While I still and always will love the original melody performed by The Smiths, Stars’ version of “Asleep” doesn’t just relax me but cocoons me in tranquility.

Perhaps it is merely a matter of auditory preference, but I am happy that Stars respected the original song enough to not dramatically change the melody and tempo. The sweet sincerity and beauty of the vocals only lends to the peace that this tune brings to all of us who often fail to catch up to sleep.