Kiss Me: Ed Sheeran

One dance, one look, one dance, can bring so many repressed, dormant feelings bubbling to the surface. In many country’s prostitutes charge more for kissing than they do for sex? Why? Because sex can be very perfunctory, while kissing serves no real purpose other than to convey very real emotion. Love, lust, passion, tenderness, care, adoration can all be expressed in a kiss, if it’s good enough, if the timing and chemistry are right.

It seems so simple, to open your mouth and let someone inhale your exhaled breath, to breathe them in, taste them, smell them, touch them in a way that doesn’t cause physical climax but satiates an even more vital urge: the desire to feel needed and loved. When’s the last time you’ve been properly kissed?

A Million Parachutes: Sixpence None the Richer

“In the glow of the street lights.
I see them descend.
Like a million parachutes;
Small men on a mission….”

I’ve had an interest in Sixpence None the Richer since they burst unto the mainstream pop scene with 1997’s “Kiss Me”. Although I was never never a true fan, with each album release, they always had one or two songs that intrigued me.

Because of this, their “Divine Discontent” album came as a bit of a shock, since I loved nearly every song on the record. “A Million Parachutes” a simple song about snow, was one of the many that I loved and I connected to it in a major way because at the time (and to this very day) I hadn’t ever seen snow. Every single time I hear the sweet melody of this song, I image the wonder of a phenomena that has eluded my grasp for almost 30 years: snowfall. But every time I listen closely to Leigh Nash’s unique, childishly husky voice, I can pretend. The ability to make a listener “remember” something that they have never experienced is pretty extraordinary. And that’s what makes this song timeless to me.