Fear: Sarah McLachlan

“But I fear I have nothing to give. But I have so much to lose…”

It is so exhilaration, having someone say “I love you,” but such a declaration, while stirring feelings of comfort and joy, can also bring on anxiety and guilt. Because, if we’re honest, “Why?” is the question that so many of us think upon hearing those 3 loaded syllables. The fear that we are not enough: strong enough, worthy enough, good enough, pretty enough, to be loved can be crippling. But believing those words and behaving accordingly, like you mean everything to someone, can be liberating.

Fumbling Towards Ecstasy: Sarah McLachlan

“And if I shed a tear, I won’t encage it. I won’t fear love. And if I feel a rage, I won’t deny it. I won’t fear love.”

Often, when I listen to a song that moves me, I listen closely to the lyrics and wistfully imagine that I were singing to such a gorgeous melody. Other times, I will yearn to have been the one to write such evocative words. Whenever I listen to a Sarah McLachlan song, I feel both emotions, vividly.  Not only is this woman incredibly vocally talented, but her lyrics are written like ambitious poems, a last love letter, a short but epic romance. It is nearly impossible to not feel love, longing, fear and bravery when listening to her ballads. And while this woman is a record-selling powerhouse, she’s managed to maintain the ability, style, demeanor and drive of a new, struggling indie artist, even as her greatest single now reminds everyone of abused cats and dogs.

But “Fumbling Towards Ecstasy” is the song that speaks to me, and anyone who’s ever been afraid of who they are, what they feel, of life outside their fantasies of what might be. This song always reminds me to keep fumbling, even if I stumble, on the path to something great. Fumbling is fine; it means that you’re still moving.

Lyrics, Part I

I love songs, but I also love to collect song lyrics. The following are some of my current favourites….


“It’s no surprise to me, I am my own worst enemy.” -Lit, My Own Worst Enemy

“Who do you love, when you come undone?” -Duran Duran, Come Undone

“Like a dream in the night, who can say we’re going?” -Roxy Music, More Than This

“These tears are turning me to rust.” -Plumb, Stranded

“Hike up your skirt a little more, and show your world to me.” -Dave Matthews Band, Crash

“How am I gonna run away when the autumn breaks, now that I’ve found you in this spring?” -Matt Kearney, Undeniable

“I wish there were cures for the way that people are.” -Boxcar Racer, Feel So

“I miss the way you taste.” -Our Lady Peace, Somewhere Out There

“Let me surround you, my sea to your shore. Let me be the calm you seek.” -Sarah McLachlan, I Love You

“The night is here, the day is gone, and the world spins madly on.” -The Weepies, The World Spins Madly On